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What experiments are done in the show

M8 paper

M8 paper is a type of paper used for detecting the presence of chemical agents, in this case, nerve agents. The paper changes colour in the presence of the nerve agent. This paper can detect the presence of V or G nerve agents except when they are in aerosol or vapour form. It cannot distinguish the exact chemical agent it has been exposed to. Other similar methods of identifying the presence of nerve agents are available, such as M9 detector tape

Liver Function tests

In a post-mortem setting, liver function tests can determine the extent of pathological damage to the liver. Examination underneath microscopes can reveal fibrosis of the liver and fatty liver disease. extensive damage to the liver can result in alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis affecting how the liver functions and the body as a whole. The levels of certain proteins and enzymes such as bilirubin, gamma-glutmytransferase, aminotransferase, and alkaline phosphatase tell us about the functionality of the liver. Our test confirms and measures the presence of the enzyme catalase that protects the body from oxidative damage.


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