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The Anatomy Lab is BACK ON TOUR FOR 2023-2024! Here's your chance to bring the lab experience to your schools, colleges & 6th forms to showcase real anatomy to your students. We are award winning experts in creating experiences that can't be created in the classroom.

Matched to all the main GCSE & A Level specifications, the experience takes students inside all of the main anatomical structures to see, touch and feel the real organ specimens. Lead by OfSTED grade 1, award winning human anatomist and qualified teacher Sam Piri, we've over a decade of experience in delivering real impact in student learning in the sciences.

Each session packs rigorously academic content into a hands on, practical, enquiry based learning experience, where students develop beyond recall knowledge of basic biology to being able to apply, analyse and evaluate aspects of anatomy, physiology & disease all related to core concepts within the GCSE & A Level specifications.

It's no wonder we're booked every year by the UK's top performing schools and colleges in both the state & independent sector.


The course...

The standard course is a 3 hour intense academic dissection experience covering the below anatomy & physiology for GCSE & A Level

Session 1 | Procedural Approach

The anatomical position, technical dissection skill, organs, tissues & cells

Session 2 | Head & Neck

Full cranial cavity dissection, brain, meninges & spinal cord

Session 3 | The Thorax

Larynx, trachea, heart & mediastinum, lungs & diaphragm 

Session 4 | The Abdomen Oesophagus, stomach, liver & gall bladder, intestines, colon, & rectum

Each student receives our printed anatomical dissection log to record the structures and the fundamental principles of A&P we cover as well as a certificate for UCAS applications & HE interviews.



Our achievements...

Who is Sam Piri

Sam is one of the UK's leading educating human anatomists, alumni from The University of Manchester and having began studying in Sheffield he quickly became a national leader in teacher training in the North West. Sam has lectured frequently at Manchester University, Prof Brian Cox's summer school, The Educational Festival and shared platforms with leading figures such as Lord Robert Winston. A passionate expert in technical dissection & 10 years of teaching and learning we guarantee our programmes to leave your students enriched and enlightened in the natural sciences.

Who do we work with?

Sam devises and delivers all of our programmes with a focus on meaningful teaching that is impactful Every year we work with dozens of UK universities & NHS Trusts where we train thousands of doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, bioscientists and alike disciplines.  Alongside this while on tour we find time to work with the UK's best performing schools, these include, Haberdashers School, Eton, Cheltenham College, Queen Ethelbergs School, Loreto Grammar, Solihull 6th Form, LVS Ascott, Tonbridge School, Hailybury, Darford Grammar School (Boys & Girls) to name a few!


How do I book?

We run The Anatomy Lab at your school or college, each lab course lasts for 3. hours starting between 9.00 & 10.00 am.. We're flexible around normal break/lunch times to minimise internal disruption. Each session is for 60 students and includes all of the materials to take part.

We need a large hall style space with 8 tables and enough chairs for the students. Events run 9/10am - 12/1.00pm.


The experience costs £2000+VAT. An additional charge of £200 will be applied to schools/colleges inside low or ultra clean air zones.



Book online now with ease, choose your date and make your booking online using our live diary and booking system. If you need to talk to us then hit the 'get in touch' button to talk to the team about any questions you may have. Remember the diary is live so be sure to confirm the booking online as soon as possible to obtain your preferred date.


Once you have booked you will receive an automated email that will detail how to access the teacher portal. This has all the important documents and contacts as well as standard operating procedures, risk assessments and insurance documents to ensure that your day runs with ease.


"Incredible & Compelling"


Teacher? Download our free Human Anatomy Learning resources for GCSE & A LEVEL students.

Thanks for subscribing!

Session 1 


Run an in school/college session introducing the basic concepts of embryology for aspiring medical or healthcare students. Download free now.


Session 2


Run an in school/college session introducing the basic concepts of cranial anatomy for aspiring medical or healthcare students. Download free now.


More information...

The course is ran with an aim in supporting teachers like yourself to drive up engagement and attainment in science. We hold the only licence in the UK issued allowing for the dissection of real specimens for educational purposes. All of our specimens are sourced from UK inspected abattoirs and the samples checked for disease by expert DEFRA vets. All the samples we use are porcine in origin, we use these for medical training as high up as our NHS CPD training. We have headlined events at The World Skills Show, featured on both BBC, BBC BITESIZE & The Discovery Channel.

To date Sam has conducted 13 real human body dissections through his formal training and partnership with local NHS Trusts.  As a crew we have dissected of 70,000 anatomical specimens. We have driven over 900,,000 miles and counting which is the same as driving to the moon and back almost twice. We've given  over £100,000 in grant funding to less advantaged students in both school workshop funding and tickets to our main national tour to widen participation and raise aspirations.

We want to work with you!


Extra sessions...

A popular option to complete the experience is to add the two optional dissection sessions:

The Eye

The Head & Neck session is elongated by 30 minutes as students dissect through the 7 muscles of the eye into the orbit, they excise the eye to observe the optic nerve before then deconstructing the eye to see the sclera, cone, lens, retina and humour of the inner eye. 

The Kidney

The Abdominal session is elongated by 30 minutes to dissect the kidney, students will see the structure of the cortex, medulla and renal pelvis before learning how the nephron functions to filter the blood.

These extra sessions can be added for £450+VAT to your lab experience bringing the total session duration to 4 hours.

LAB (Facebook Event Cover)-3.png

The technical bit...

Our crew will arrive on site between 8 & 8.30am we arrive in our large crew tour bus facility which will need to be parked on site and plugged into the mains power for the duration of the show. 

Our team of technicians will assemble the screen and set up our IT equipment including a projector, screen and AV system.  We will need 10 pairs of dissection scissors from the school/college prep room supplied by you for the students to use during the lab sessions.

We aim to start at the booked start time however this may be flexible due to on the day access/set up/traffic delays, we'll keep you informed of any changes right up to our arrival.

We'll run to your break and lunch times to ensure that students and get refreshments as normal. All of our crew are DBS checked and carry their certificates with them. We will need access to the tour bus facility throughout the show.

At the end of the show we will clean down and bag up all of the waste, this can be then be disposed of in the standard food waste stream or the crew can take it away if pre-booked for an extra fee. After the event it takes the crew around 30 minutes to pack down and we'll be off site & on our way. We recommend that you send through the cleaners as usual just to be on the safe-side.

Remember we bring: Laptop, AV, Screen, Backdrops, All specimens, hand gel, bins and buckets

From you we need: 10 pairs of dissection scissors.

You will be sent: an e-book to print off for the students (x60) & a floor plan of how to set up the space along with dimensions of the tourbus for site management

Additional charges

Waste can be pre-booked for removal by us, this is for the complete removal of all dissection specimens. The pre-booked price of this is £300.00 or £450.00 within 7 days of your booking.

Schools/colleges inside clean air zones, ultra low admission zones will be charged and additional £200.00 by invoice once the booking is confirmed.

After the event the students will be able to log into the website and download and print off an e-certificate for UCAS

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