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Welcome to our online support area, please read this thoroughly, if the answer to your question is below you won't receive a reply to your email

Still not sure? Arrive at the event a couple of minutes before registration opens and one of our friendly event crew will be happy assist.

Who can attend The Post Mortem Live
The Post Mortem Live is built mainly for students and healthcare professionals studying healthcare courses and biosciences, many of our events are organised in partnership with universities and colleges and for 2022-23 will be held in event spaces both on and off university campuses.
The event is open to non-students as well as those with an interest in anatomy & physiology. The event is recommended for over 14s if accompanied with a paying adult.

What is included in my ticket?
Ticket prices include everything you need to take part in the event including basic PPE, gloves, specimens and clinical consumables.

I've lost my tickets

If you've lost your tickets, deleted them or can't find them then you will need to order replacements. In order to keep overall costs down fort he majority of customers lost ticket admins will be passed on in full to those who need replacement tickets. Head to the shop and purchase the LOST TICKET ORDER FACILITY using the email address you used to purchase your tickets. You will receive a PDF ticket confirming your request and one of the team will trace your order and resend you your tickets within 10 days.

I can't find my ticket, what do I do?

All tickets are automatically emailed to you upon purchase. Please check your junk and spam folders. If you input the incorrect email at checkout then you will not receive your ticket. You will still be able to check-in at the event on the day by providing your name and ID, there is £15.00 charge for admission where tickets are lost, this ensures guests have their tickets for admission as finding customer orders at the event is time consuming and can result in the late start of the show.

Can I buy a discounted ticket?
Students, NHS staff, Bluelight staff can purchase a discounted ticket. You will need to bring your staff/student card with you to the event. If you do not have your staff/student card, you will be asked to increase your ticket to the general ticket price.


Do I need to bring anything?
The only thing you need to bring is a pen or pencil. Drinks and snacks are available to purchase and may be consumed in the venue. Only drinks or snacks purchased at the event can be consumed inside the arena. Some events are held in close proximity to refreshment facilities however this cannot be guaranteed.

Are the specimens human?

No. We use state of the art special effects and specimens of porcine origin to replicate and simulate the post mortem experience.

Whats do I wear?

We advise loose comfortable clothes and shoes. You will need to be bare from the elbow down if you want to handle specimens so we advise leaving watches, bangles, rings and jewellery at home. The venue may be on the chilly side in the winter as we keep the lab cool to ensure the specimens don't decompose. Bring warm clothing.

I have a disability can I attend?

All of our events are accessible to all members of the general public, arrive early ant talk to our friendly crew if you have any specific concerns about how your disability may affect your ability to fully take part. If you require a carer, they can attend with a 10% discount, as they will be occupying a seat and viewing the show, as well as having the opportunity to participate alongside all other ticket holders. To apply this use the code CARER23 at the box office, you will be required to prove carer status by form of original copy physical ID, this can be a PIP letter or other official issued document displaying valid carer status.

I am eligible for discounted tickets but my friends aren't, can I use my discount for their tickets?

You may only be admitted on a discount ticket if you are eligible for a discount at the time of the event, we operate checks on students, blue light, NHS, MD and teaching staff discount tickets. 

I cant make it any more can I change my ticket?

All tickets are non-refundable, however if you cant make your event we advise you to come along to another showing in the city you were due to attend. Providing your ticket hasn't been scanned in (used) we will try our best to accommodate you at an alternative event. You may be required to pay the difference to sit in an upgraded area if availability is limited.

What happens at the event?
The Post Mortem Live offers the chance to get hands on with real anatomical specimens of porcine origin contextualised into a simulated human body dissection. Using our state-of- the-art cadaver we’ll take you quite literally into the bowels of the post mortem process
where you’ll have the chance to get hands on with real specimens, conduct real technical dissection and even ascertain the cause of death. An experience like no other.

I'm a teacher at a school, college or university and want to bring a group of students

We strive to widen access to our events. We offer group tickets that include a free teacher place for students 14-18. These can be booked and paid for by invoice, to organise this click the college & 6th form group button in the footer.

How do I access my CPD certificate?

Details of how/where to access the CPD certificate are given after the event. We are unable to provide this information once you leave the show.

Can I be refused admission?

Since the onset of COVID-19 we have seen a surge in foul language, abuse and aggression towards our team both in the online and offline space. We have a zero tolerance policy towards this behaviour in both a verbal and physical format both in the online and offline space. If you engage in any behaviour both in person, online, by email, on socials or on review platforms that is abusive, contains foul language, contains misinformation, is defamatory, threatening, hostile or considered offensive or rude then you will not be admitted to the event. This policy extends to yourself who made the booking and any person(s) who can be associated to you and deemed to be acting on your behalf. Management reserve the right to refuse admission without refund or reason. As the saying goes... If you wouldn't speak to your mother like it, we won't tolerate it either.

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