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The world's biggest splinter injury!

Paraglider crashes into woodland and is left with a tree branch sticking out of his shoulder!

A paraglider was skewered by a giant splinter after a crash landing in a forest.

These extraordinary pictures show how a tree branch impaled the 36-year-old from Belarus.

He was flying when a strap snapped and he span out of control, plummeting into a forest. A sharp log spiked his shoulder as he crashed. Rescuers cut him free from the wreckage of his powered paraglider and took him to the hospital, with the giant log still embedded in his shoulder. He posed for pictures as he waited to have the branch removed by emergency ward medics. Doctors later freed him from the giant splinter.

The paratrike pilot told local media he had crashed into some pine trees and at first he didn't realise he had been impaled. 'I'm thinking: "I fell so softly, all is okay. I'll stand up and go" then something holds me back,' he said. 'I looked and it was a giant log there. I tore my shirt and there was a branch in my arm, thick as a watermelon.' Astonishingly, he retained his sense of humour during the horrific accident, joking that he was like the American cartoon superhero Groot. 'Many people came. I told them: "Take out this splinter". And they say: "No, are you crazy? If we take it away, you'll bleed to death." And I was like: "I am Groot!"' he said.


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