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Why is Histology important?

Welcome to the wonderful world of histology. Histology is how we study the body on a cellular level. In the world of medicine, we have histopathology which is the diagnosis and study of disease with the examination of tissues under a microscope.

The histopathologist is a specialised type of doctor who has a very important role. They must determine if the tissues and cells are healthy or abnormal. They reach a diagnosis by examining a small piece of collected tissue, through a biopsy. Once they recognise an abnormality, they must determine what it is and how severe it is. For example, if it is cancer, they must identify the type of cancer and what stage of cancer the patient has.

Around 20 million histopathology slides are examined in the UK each year! That’s a lot of biopsies and looking into a microscope!

Our friends down in the lab play a very important role in the care of our living patients, as well as those that are deceased. They examine tissues collected in an autopsy to help in deciding a cause of death. They would have played an important role in the autopsy of Anton Orlov!


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