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Uni Guides: Studying Midwifery

Is midwifery the right career for you? Midwifery is the art and science of care and compassion. Midwifery involves assisting women in all aspects of childbirth, either as part of a team in a private or public hospital or being involved in home births.

Midwives work across the continuum from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour and birth, postpartum, and the early weeks of newborn infants’ life. This includes women’s future reproductive health, well-being, and decisions and promoting early child development and the parents’ transition to parenthood.

One of the most important qualities a midwife needs to possess is showing care and understanding toward their patients. At times, their patients will be in great distress, and they will need to be able to comfort them whilst also delivering the baby safely. New mothers will require a lot of advice and support from you as their midwife.

A strong stomach is needed when it comes to midwifery, you will be dealing with a lot of blood and bodily fluids – come to a live post-mortem show to help strengthen your stomach!! Good communication skills are imperative in midwifery, you will be dealing with a diverse range of families and mothers throughout your career.

You need to learn to be respectful of different cultures when it comes to each birth. It can be a very challenging and distressing career as sometimes there is a loss of mother and child, so you need to be strong to be prepared for these situations but hopefully the good will out way the bad.

Take a look at ‘Hard Pushed – A midwife’s story’ by Leah Hazard to read about one midwife’s personal experience in working for the NHS.

Throughout your time in university, you will undertake placements this will help prepare you for the working world.

It is a gratifying job bringing new life and joy into the world, a course to consider!


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