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Uni Guides: Studying Biomedical Science

Studying Biomed is a great course to study at university. Usually, the class sizes are quite big so it’s a great way to make friends.

As well as that, they can be very practical courses so a good way of getting your head out of the textbook. The labs are very different from what you might have seen in school or college. They are usually very independent, and you are given the opportunity to partake in lab projects and experiments on your own or in small groups, with help being there if you need it of course!

When considering which university to go to, check their course accreditation. Some universities have different accreditations for their biomedical science courses, and this can impact you later meaning in some places you would be required to do further studies or training before you can apply to start working as a biomedical scientist.

These courses offer a wide variety of modules allowing you to explore other fields you might not have been previously aware of! STEM is a very valuable field to be a part of, there are many job opportunities to work in industry, academia, or healthcare.

Biomedical sciences is also a great springboard for postgraduate study. It will allow you to gain experience in sciences and allow you to have a great background knowledge before undertaking postgraduate courses such as medicine or dentistry. If you are not sure if this is the course for you take a look at recently published articles to see what research is being currently carried out in the world of Biomed to see if this would interest you.

Shop around and visit different universities to see what facilities they have available as well as career progression options. Studying Biomed is a great starting point that can help guide you in working in any sector of science but also provides you with valuable transferable skills that can help you with working in any sector.


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