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Uni Guides: Nursing

nursing degree student nurse

Nursing in the UK is typically a three-year undergraduate course, it can be a very challenging but one of the most rewarding courses and career paths.

From the get-go make sure to stay on top of your theory as this will come into play when you’re on placement throughout your course. Keeping on top of your studies is very important in any course but even more important in nursing where there is such a high practical element in the course and the learning you do. Being able to juggle working alongside nursing is very difficult due to the long hours of placement, however, you have the option of joining the nursing bank once you have commenced your studies Here you will be working as a health care assistant (HCA). You will be working on wards where extra help is needed and you choose the hours, the pay is also a lot better than a typical part-time job. The experience you gain from doing these extra shifts is invaluable and will help you once you start working as a nurse.

Bedside manner is extremely important as a nurse as you will be dealing with patients in their most vulnerable state. You need to be empathetic and caring. Volunteering in care homes before you apply will give you the experience of what is like to be a nurse, and this will also help you to develop these all-important skills!

As a nurse, you will enjoy a diverse and rewarding career that makes a difference. Many nurses specialise in particular fields, including trauma, orthopaedics, mental health, neonatal, and learning disabilities, to name a few. Being able to work across any ward or speciality allows for career changes later in life, allowing for that variety so many need to stay interested.

There are also a lot of postgraduate study options for nurses, such as studying to be an advanced nursing practitioner or midwife. It is a great course to study due to the variety you get from your three years.

Despite it being a job that can require long hours and hard work, nursing provides an incredible level of job satisfaction. As part of your studies, you will be required to learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the body as you will try to come to terms with the best modes of treatment and understand how different medications affect the body.

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