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The Death of Marilyn Munroe - Suspicious or Suicide?

This week we are going to investigate the celebrity death of Norma Jeane Mortenson, more commonly known as Marilyn Monroe. This famous actress died prematurely on the 4th of August 1962 aged just 36. How did she die?

Marilyn Monroe was found lying naked, face down on her bed with a phone in one hand. Empty medication bottles were found in the room. These once-housed barbiturates are used to treat Monroe’s depression as well as sleeping tablets. It was concluded by the LA police department that Monroe had intentionally overdosed, therefore dying by suicide.

In recent years there have been many conspiracy theories speculating about Marilyn Monroe’s death and saying that it was not suicide. One theory claims she was murdered by politic's favourite brothers – John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Allegedly she has an affair with both brothers. These conspiracy theories claim that the Kennedys had Marilyn killed in fear she would make the affairs public and other government secrets she got her hands on.

Marilyn’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray who found her lifeless body announced twenty years after her death that Robert Kennedy visited Marilyn the night of her death and they had an argument. Murray is considered to be an unreliable source, so nobody knows how accurate these accusations are. There are many other speculations and theories regarding Marilyn Monroe and most of them involve the Kennedys. How true they are we will never know.

Marilyn did have a tough life, having spent most of her childhood in foster homes. She moved to 12 different homes before she got married at the young age of 16.

Her career had already started beautifully and if she lived it could have continued the same way for many more years.

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