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The Darker Side of Cannibalism

Issei Sagawa, the Kobe cannibal is a Japanese murderer and cannibal. In 1981, Sagawa murdered Renée Hartevelt in Paris. He mutilated and cannibalised her corpse over several days. He was arrested in France and released after two years of pre-trial detention after he was found to be legally insane and was deported back to Japan. This was not Sagawa’s first offence. In university, Sagawa broke into a woman’s home and attempted to slice off a piece of flesh from her bum. She woke up at this stage and called the police. He did not reveal his true intentions and was charged with rape. The charges were dropped when his father paid a large settlement to the victim.

Following the vicious murder of Renée, Sagawa returned to Japan as somewhat of a celebrity. France dropped the charges against Sagawa and the court documents were sealed and not released to Japanese authorities meaning Sagawa was technically a free man. Following his release, Sagawa made fame and fortune by releasing books on murder and cannibalism. He is still living as a free man in Japan today.

One of the most infamous murderers is the Milwaukee cannibal - Jeffrey Dahmer. His horrific acts have made public light again recently due to a new series about him. Dahmer killed 17 innocent people and is quoted to have said he ‘had these obsessive desires and thoughts wanting to control them’ when asked why he ate them. In his freezer, frozen human hearts, chests, and skulls were found. Dahmer stated that humans taste like beef and used a meat tenderiser to prepare the biceps brachii muscle of one victim.

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