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Stubbed toe injury!

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe hard, you probably know how much it hurts, now imagine the pain this patient went through after hitting his toe on the edge of a table!

Bed posts, furniture legs, uneven flagstone, toys, the world is rife with foot-level obstacles. Far too many for even the coordinated among us to completely avoid.

Toes seem to be among a select group of body parts that can be injured in a relatively insignificant way and yet still broadcast that they've been broken or in some other way irreparably damaged. This is because they are packed with nerves, specifically nerve-ending receptors called nociceptors that are good at detecting actual or potential tissue damage. When you stub your toe, you're massively stimulating a bunch of these nerve fibres at the same time. Those signals integrate with your spinal cord, which in turn relays that information to your brain. It's just a really big input, and it hurts like hell.

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