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Silent Teachers

The lecturers and technicians I had in university were amazing, but the most valuable educators were our silent teachers, the cadavers. These amazing people donated their mortal bodies to science for our education and benefit. Without them, my anatomy knowledge wouldn’t be what it is today. Dentists, medics, and a host of other students get to benefit from dissecting a human body, seeing where muscles attach and how the veins meander in real life.

Anatomy is impossible to study using books alone. I was, of course, terrified the moment I first set foot into the lab as I had never seen a dead body before. My hands did not stop shaking until I made that first incision. It was an amazing benefit to dissect a human body, it solidified my knowledge of anatomy. This is what I love most about working with The Post Mortem Live, allowing everyone to dissect and marvel at the wonders of the body up close and personal. It is a great privilege to do this every day and I thank all those whose family members have become our silent teachers, they have shaped anatomical education for the better.

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