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Lightning strike injury with visible Lichtenberg figures!

Every year, almost a quarter of a million people get to experience being hit by lightning. The effects on the body can vary. Eyesight or hearing may be adversely affected due to the loud clap of the thunder and the bright flash from the lightning. A person could be temporarily blinded or rupture an eardrum. Additionally, the heart could go into cardiac arrest. If a person is unresponsive after being struck, it's urgent they get CPR immediately. Outside of internal injuries, the heat could cause serious burns throughout the body.

Some burns can look like Lichtenberg figures or lines. Lichtenberg lines are long, intricate, wavy burns that can appear on someone temporarily after receiving a massive electric shock. They are formed from damaged skin and leaking capillaries, tracing the path of electricity across the skin.

Interesting fact: The most common places people were hit by lightning strikes were out on a golf course or sailing enthusiasts out on the water.


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