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How to have fun at Christmas - Anatomy style!

It’s nearly Christmas!! At this time of year, we see ourselves playing a lot more games and trying our best to tell jokes to maintain the festive atmosphere.

How about an anatomical twist to your festivities?

The obvious choice is the game Operation, a childhood classic. It’s a great way of testing your dexterity. How about making a note of the correct anatomical terms instead of the lay terms in the game? What is the proper name for the funny bone?

We tend to get competitive at Christmas. If you are doing a quiz with friends or family, this year how about throwing in a few anatomy questions?

  • How many bones are in the adult skeleton? There’s 206

  • What is the correct term for the soft spot on a baby’s head? Fontanelles

  • What is the longest bone in the body? Femur

  • Which protein is a basic component of hair and nails? Keratin

  • What name is given to the process by which new bone is produced? Ossification

  • Where in your body is skin the thinnest? Eyelids

  • How many pairs of ribs are in a rib cage? 12 pairs

  • What is the largest organ in the body? The skin

  • The patella is the scientific name for? The kneecap

  • How many chambers are in the heart? 4

Another fun way to study and have fun with anatomy is through painting. Not on a canvas, on yourself! Get some face paints and body markers and start drawing muscles/nerves/vessels on yourself or a chosen victim! Learning from the human body itself is the best way and with the Christmas break, you have plenty of time to get artistic! Just make sure you don’t use any permanent markers, nobody wants frontalis written on their forehead permanently!!

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