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How to go sober for October

This month we are going sober for October, and we are going to give you some snippets of advice on how to quit the booze.

Giving up alcohol is no easy feat for many people, even just reducing your alcohol intake can do wonders for your body.

Alcohol has a great effect on your body, it disrupts sleep, increases anxiety and irritability, inhibits your memory, and can do serious damage to your liver and urinary system.

Many people turn to alcohol when faced with a difficult situation or feel like they need it to have a good time out. Understanding your relationship with alcohol is the first step in quitting, to see how dependent you are on the substance in your day-to-day life.

It can be difficult going cold turkey but even watching how much you drink and reducing your intake can be very beneficial for your body and mental state.

If most of your out-of-work activities involve a ‘quiet one’ in the pub, suggest something new such as bowling or a different activity so you don’t have to associate alcohol with relaxing.

Alcohol is also extremely expensive, try totting up how much you'd typically spend on alcohol in a month and come up with other ideas on how to spend that money, perhaps towards a holiday or some home improvements.

Alcohol can be difficult to give up on, especially coming into the winter months when it’s hard to go outside and do activities. If you are eager to give it up but are finding it difficult, talk to your friends and family or GP for advice and help. That’s what they are there for! Even if you only go sober for the month of October it will greatly benefit your health, as well as your pocket!

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