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Have you got any New Year's Resolutions?

Are you going to make any new year’s resolutions, if so, are you going to stick to any of them?

Being healthier is one that we can all try and stick to as it will benefit us greatly.

How about building your anatomical knowledge? The first place to start would be our blog posts, we have our workshop on Wednesdays where we break down different topics and make the human body more accessible.

But the best way to learn more about anatomy is by attending one of our events! Come along and see Anton Orlov in the flesh and learn how a post-mortem takes place. You get the opportunity to dissect your own specimens and learn something new and unique! Attending our event will definitely be a highlight of 2023 (not to be biased of course).

If you can’t get enough of our blogs and events there are some great books out there that will benefit you. Gray’s Anatomy (not the show) facsimile has some beautiful original drawings from nearly 150 years ago. If you prefer more of a read, Dr Richard Shepheard a British forensic pathologist, has released two books that capture the human body in a different light. They are unnatural causes and the seven ages of death. His books would make you very excited to attend one of our events as you’d want to get stuck in like him!


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