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Hand stuck in a meat grinder!

Hand stuck in a meat grinder pulled back almost perfectly!

Hand injuries caused by meat grinders result in varying degrees of deformities.

The patient arrived in the emergency room with the injured hand still firmly wedged in the meat grinder.

The patient was taken to the operating room, under general anaesthesia, the hand was extricated by turning the grinder in reversed direction with an adjustable wrench, while gently pulling on the forearm. After the removal of the grinder, there were multiple level crush injuries on the metacarpophalangeal level, the digit is damaged and unsuitable for replantation.

Debridement and amputation were performed on the level of the metacarpophalangeal joints index, middle, ring and little fingers. After performing the excision of non-viable tissue, sutures were applied. He was treated with antibiotics, irrigation of the wound, analgesic, and surgical repair.


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