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Get Prepared And Survive Freshers Week!

So your first week of University is not far away and you’ve heard all about Freshers…

You’re probably feeling excited but nervous and this is completely normal, it’s daunting for any new student.

We’re here to give you some tips on how to get prepared and survive your first week at university!

1) Do you need to book a ‘move in’ slot? Many universities use a booking system for the move-in weekend to prevent overcrowding, so make sure you have this booked! The benefit to an early slot is meeting flatmates right away or getting the largest kitchen cupboard however arriving on the first day could also mean an empty apartment if others have chosen to arrive the next day.

2) Have you had any preparation work? Many medical schools request that you prepare in advance so you may have some pre-reading or planning before teaching begins. Get it done sooner rather than later so you can enjoy Freshers! 3) Unpack everything the day you arrive. They’ll be lots to do and get involved in over freshers week so unpack everything when you arrive. You don’t want unopened boxes in your room once teaching starts. If your parents are dropping you off, get them to help you unpack, hang up photos and decorations as soon as you arrive to make your room comfortable and homely. 4) Plan your meals If you’re in self-catered halls, plan some simple meals and do your food shop as soon as possible so it’s one less thing to think about throughout Freshers and you’ll have supplies ready for the hangover! If you’re in catered halls then check the time for food service, some don’t actually start until teaching begins so you are not actually provided with food during freshers! 5) Pick the events you would like to attend. Freshers week has something for everyone, from nights out to sporting activities. So check your student union website and look at your university's medical society to see what events have been organised and how to book on and if you need tickets. Please note that some of the events you see advertised on social media may not be organised by the university, we recommend you only buy tickets from your student union.

6) Budget! Alcohol and nights out aside, freshers' week is filled with costs such as buying textbooks, meaning it's likely you'll develop a habit of checking your bank balance straight away so it’s a good idea to set a budget for the week. Find out if there is a Freshers pass or wristband as this may be better value if you plan on going to a few events, rather than paying for each ticket individually. Remember to use your student discount too - It’s time to start getting into the habit of using your card at every opportunity. It’s always worth asking and checking deals online.

7) Be confident

If you’re naturally a shy person, this is the time to try and overcome any fears. Don’t hold back, everyone is in the same boat so even if you wouldn’t normally make the first move to introduce yourself, no one will judge you for putting yourself out there. If you do struggle, pop some music on and leave your door open so your flatmates feel comfortable popping in and saying hi. Another tip is to make an effort to remember people's names as they will then be more likely to remember you.

8) Get uni admin out the way early.

No one wants to spend half their time queueing and filling out paperwork when everyone else is out on events.

Spend up the process by ensuring you have the correct documents with you - acceptance letter, valid photo id, etc)

9) Sign up to any clubs or societies you’re interested in.

You’ll likely be able to find out what’s available at your freshers' fair. Avoid anything with an upfront registration fee unless you are certain you’ll stick to it.

Joining a society will do wonders for your CV when you're looking for a grad job too!

10) Don’t try to go to every event.

Don’t overdo it! It’s easy to want to go to every event that your flatmates are going to but you stand a better chance of surviving Freshers if you’re not completely burnt out. And you’ll enjoy your events that bit more if you’re not suffering from the night before.



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