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Gangrenous bowel after bowel infarction!

The picture shows gangrenous bowel after bowel infarction!

Bowel infarction or gangrenous bowel represents an irreversible injury to the intestine resulting from insufficient blood flow. It is considered a medical emergency because it can quickly result in life-threatening infections and death. Any cause of bowel ischemia, an earlier reversible form of injury, may ultimately lead to infarction if uncorrected.

An infarcted or dead intestinal segment is a serious medical problem because of the fact that intestines contain non-sterile contents within the lumen. Although the faecal content and high bacterial loads of the intestine are normally safely contained, progressive ischemia causes tissue breakdown and inevitably leads to bacteria spreading to the bloodstream. Untreated bowel infarction quickly leads to life-threatening infection and sepsis and may be fatal.

The only treatment for bowel infarction is immediate surgical repair and eventually removal of the dead segments.


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