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Gadgets to get you through your medical degree

Maybe you’ve just started your first year at university or maybe you’re thinking about practical gifts for Christmas this year?

We’re here to provide a list of technology that will help you get through university!


Whether you like Apple or not, this tablet tops them all.

Use it during your commute, in the hospital on a break or relaxing at home – you can stay connected to your course at any time.

2) Keyboard and mouse

Your laptop or tablet are great for when you’re on the go but when sat for long periods of time, it can get uncomfortable. Invest in a compatible cordless keyboard and mouse in order to look after your posture!

3) Supportive backrest cushion

It really says it on the tin - To limit the risk of injury to your back, a backrest cushion will look after your lumbar region.

4) Wireless Router

You won’t be able to access your online medical degree content if you can’t keep a stable internet, so stay connected with a wireless router. We suggest looking out for the following:

Dual-Band Speed – This means you can connect to the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz frequency bands simultaneously.

Quad Antennas – On top of the antenna inside the box, you should look for a router with four external antennas. This will give you the best access to your online seminars.

Access Point Mode – This feature will allow you to create a new Wi-Fi point. This means that you can create a clear channel to connect your device to.

MU-MIMO – This allows the router to communicate to two devices at once and provides double the quality.

5) High-Quality Webcam

If you have to attend any lectures or tutor meetings online, you’ll need a decent webcam if you don’t already have one on your laptop, desktop or tablet. Streaming video takes up a lot of bandwidth, so you need to ensure you can hold up the call on your end. You should ensure that you find a webcam that supports full HD and offers a widescreen display. Although your tablet will likely come with a front-facing camera, it may not be the best quality. Also opt for a webcam with a built-in microphone tailored towards noise reduction.

6) USB

During your medical degree, you will need a USB memory stick to back your work up to. IPads will not support USB at standard, so you will need to invest in a USB hub compatible with your device. Once you’ve set up your USB hub, you can feel free to connect devices to your tablet in the same way that you do a regular windows PC.

7) Headphones

Quality headphones will be essential for your degree. If you’re trying to focus on work in the hospital break room or on the commute, you don’t need distractions. When you shop for headphones, you should go for a Bluetooth wireless model that will allow you to work and listen to your eBooks.

8) Notepad

Nothing beats a good-old notebook. Sometimes, you will need to jot down notes quickly and you won’t have your iPad at hand however a digital notepad is a great addition too. You can scribble down your notes and export them directly to your chosen device – meaning you’ll never have to ‘write up’ your notes again!


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