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Extreme case of knee dislocation!

An extreme case of knee dislocation!

Knee dislocations are an extremely traumatic injury and can be limb threatening. Because of the potential neurovascular damage associated with this injury, knee dislocations are considered one of the most serious knee injuries, although one of the most rare. Due to spontaneous reductions, the true frequency of knee dislocations is not known. Unreduced dislocations present with an obvious deformity, but spontaneously reduced dislocations can lead the examiner to underestimate the severity of the injury, thereby risking the limb.

Surgical treatment in such cases is almost always required, particularly with recent advances in surgical techniques. Surgical treatment depends on which ligaments were injured and the severity of injury to those ligaments. Allografts tend to be the preferred graft for use in the surgical reconstruction of knee dislocations followed by a long rehabilitation.


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