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Cut Throat Injury- Suicidal or Homicidal?

Cut Throat Injury- Suicidal or Homicidal?

Recognizing the patterns of cut throat injuries provides important forensic clues to differentiate homicide from suicide.

In suicidal cases, the level of cut is usually above the thyroid cartilage whereas in homicidal cases, it may be below or at the level of thyroid cartilage.

Suicidal cuts are made from above downwards and from left to right by a right-handed person. A left-handed person will cut from right to left. On the other hand, a homicidal cut will be transverse or from below upwards.

Hesitation cuts may also be visible in suicidal cuts while they are less likely in homicidal cases.

Further information can be obtained from the person's personal history and surroundings.


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