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Clearing - What You Need to Know

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill any available places they have on their course. It is something to most definitely consider if you have been rejected from your firm and insurance choices if you did not meet the grades, if you’ve declined your firm place and have had a change of heart or if you didn’t apply to UCAS before the deadline earlier in the year. It gives everyone a chance to further their education, and explore options they might not have considered before.

Clearing is now open and closes on the 18th of October, so there is plenty of time to apply. We recommend looking into it soon after you receive your results just so you have as many options to choose from as possible.

If you have an idea of what kind of course you are interested in, you can use the search tool on the UCAS clearing page to see what courses are available and matches what you are interested in. You can also phone universities directly.

Each university has a dedicated clearing team who work hard to try and get you registered for the course you want. You can find these contact details on UCAS or through the university’s website.

When you make contact, you will be asked for your clearing number and personal ID, this is found on your UCAS profile so make sure to have these on hand when you phone up.

Depending on their entry requirements they can offer you a place over the phone. Through clearing, a lot of universities drop their entry requirements meaning you might have a chance of getting accepted to a course you didn’t previously meet the requirements for!

Universities want to run their courses at full capacity so they will try their best to get you accepted if there are places available. Once you have received an offer from a university, add a clearing choice to your application and fill in the course details provided by the university. Once confirmed, this will appear as an accepted course on the choices page of your application.

Make sure to shop around! See what the structure of each course is like, make sure to enquire if there is student accommodation still available and if you’d be applicable to apply for any scholarships or bursaries as this will make your time at uni a lot easier!

Please be aware that some courses might not be at all available through clearing. Sometimes there can be few to no places available for medicine and dentistry due to the extensive application process involving the UCAT/BMAT exam and interviews, however, sometimes places can come available on the foundation year programme – depending on the uni.

This can also apply to courses such as nursing and paramedicine. This again all depends on the demand for these courses, so places might pop up in clearing if students do not meet the requirements and therefore their place becomes available.

Keep an eye on the clearing page and we wish you all the best in your endeavours!

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