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Buzz saw accident!

Buzz saw accident!

Case of a saw accident where the finger went through a buzz saw while building a table for a wedding present. The finger was later amputated at the MCP joint but that didn't stop him from finishing the table.

Power saws are extremely useful tools, however, they also have the potential to cause serious hand injuries. Any structure that comes into contact with the saw blade can potentially be injured. Deeper injuries can damage the tendons and muscles that move the fingers, thumb, and wrist, affecting the way they move. Nerves may be cut, resulting in loss of feeling and/or loss of ability to control certain muscles. Circulation may be lost if the arteries are injured. Fractures may result, which can be in the shaft of the bone or in the joint.

Tendon and nerve injuries may need to be repaired, but if too much shredding has occurred or there is excessive loss of the tendon and/or nerve tissue, repair may not be feasible. Fractures may need repair with pins, wires, or plates and screws. If a joint is severely damaged, it may need to be fused permanently. Some amputations may be able to be replanted, but if there is too much shredding, it may not be feasible. Amputation of a single finger may be better treated by leaving it off, as the reattached finger may impair the function of the rest of the hand.


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