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Accidental Injury by a Baler

These could be prevented if balers were equipped with adequate safety equipment and if appropriate precautions and warnings were posted with operators given proper instruction regarding the use of the machines. Unfortunately, however, manufacturers continue to design defective machinery.

Degloving injuries are surgical conditions in which an extensive portion of skin and subcutaneous tissue is detached from the underlying fasciae, muscles, or bone surface. Frequently, the is an association of fractures underlying the degloved area.

Typical baler injuries that occur while operating hay balers involve having limbs pulled into the machine, being severely burned if it catches fire, or being scalped if hair gets caught.

This degloving injury happened while working on the farm, when the patient's pants got caught up in a hay baler (a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop) and dragged his foot in, causing severe spiral degloving injury from multiple blades.

The rotating force of the driveline shaft pulled off the entire skin.

Luckily enough, there was no major vascular damage or any fracture, other than the intersection of 2 extensor tendons.

Treatment usually includes replantation or revascularization of the degloved skins, or when these are not possible, skin grafts or skin flaps.

His injuries required extensive skin grafting and tendons were surgically repaired.


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