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2022 Medical Breakthroughs!

2022 has been a long and busy year. Here are some medical breakthroughs and phenomena you might not have heard of that shook the world of medicine this year.

When we all get to a certain age, we start to get increasingly worried about our health, and for a lot of us, this can include our cholesterol levels. High cholesterol causes plaque to build up in blood vessels. It narrows these vessels and can prevent blood flow to and from the heart. This is extremely dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening. There is a newly developed medication called Inclisiran that prevents cholesterol from getting too high and prevents the build-up of plaque in the vessels which could go a long way to saving the lives of many people in the future!

There is also a new treatment for postpartum depression, a condition which affects many women. Counselling and anti-depressants were previously the standardised treatments. As of this year, there is a new intravenous infusion that is currently being trialled. It is administered for 60 hours using a neurosteroid to control the brain’s stress response. It targets the signalling deficiency in hormone-sensitive postpartum depression. It has an effect a lot quicker than traditional methods which, in turn, could change the outlook of many women across the world.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the thickening of the heart muscle which then puts stress on the heart and can lead to further heart disease or heart attack. This new treatment targets the heart muscle to reduce abnormal contractions that send the heart into overdrive. This can improve the quality of life and outcomes for so many people.

There is also new technology that could possibly reverse paralysis. Implanted brain devices are being trialled to see if they could recover lost motor control. Implanted electrodes collect movement signals from the brain and decode them into moveable commands. This discovery is only in the early stages but could be life-changing.

Other breakthroughs from 2022 include new methods for detecting sepsis, a new treatment for prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes and menopause! It’s been a busy year for the world of medicine, who knows what 2023 will hold!

Speaking of 2023, new dates and locations have been added for this year's tour 'The Murder of Anton Orlov'. Find your nearest location and dates here!


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